Face Serum Boosters

Vegan, Cruelty Free, 100% Natural Skincare from Barcelona

High quality natural ingredients are combined with pharmaceutical innovation in this science-based formula.

The power of nature

Anti-Dirt Protective Film - latest generation biomimetic film, consisting of galactomannans from Tara and Red Algae. Its ‘second-skin’ effect creates a protective and non-closable barrier against environmental pollutants. The micro relief of the skin is smoothed and the size of the pores and expression lines are reduced.

Anti-Pollution Beauty Shield, as an antioxidant protective shield, offers global protection against environmental pollutants.

Biomimetic Network of Galactomannans from Tara and Red Algae incorporated inside, is a powerful oleo-distillate of organic sesame, with excellent antioxidant properties.

Antioxidant Effect, organic sesame oil is obtained by molecular oil distillation. This patented process enables the concentration of the most active unsaponifiable fraction of the oil: sesame and sesamolin. These 2 valuable molecules have strong antioxidant & anti-radical activity, which visibly improve the elasticity of the skin.

"Great Ingredients!"

I clearly remember my thoughts when I first read the ingredient list - "This sounds delicious!" Finding the right face cream, when it comes to green beauty, is not easy. It has to be extremely caring, but not sticky or greasy. The price should not be off the charts, the skin should feel and look fresh and moisturized all day, plump and happy, especially after a night with poor sleep. It should harmonize with the SPF and make up, no pilling... The Canvas Cream from Lamixtura has it ALL, it's completely natural with a modern formula and highly effective ingredients like Squalane, Algae, Antioxidants, Arginine, fermented ingredients, Vitamin E and Chamomilla extract. On top, the texture is like a soufflé, with a very discreet fresh and natural scent and it's vegan, non-comedogenic and hypo-allergenic.