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Why we love it: If you are not sure and would like to test some of our products first, that is your chance!

We know that it is not always easy to trust the product you see for the very first time, so we decided to give you a chance to discover it first! If there is something specific you want to try, you can order our Samples Set and select up to 5 samples of your choice.

Together with your sample set you will get a code with 5€ discount for your next order with Skin Matter!

Try Before You Buy · For The Most Curious Ones · 5 EUR Discount For Your Next Order - Free Delivery in Germany 

Made with Love

We love skincare as you do and we love to discover new products! Now, you can order your samples before getting the product in full size. But don't forget, skincare needs time and patience. True product performance shows off after weeks of using it. 

How does it work? Super easy! 

  1. Copy 5 products here below, paste them during your Checkout in "Order Instructions/Hinweise zur Bestellung" + click "Save".

  2. Use code MATTERSAMPLES at your Checkout for the free delivery in Germany.

  3. Receive your package in no time and enjoy testing your products.

Get yourself a great deal and use your unique 5€ discount code for your next order!


    You will receive 5 samples packed individually in sachets or filled by us. Hard to completely avoid plastic here, but it is a compromise for everyone. One sample is enough for 1-3 uses.

    Please note that only one discovery set is possible to order per customer. Free Shipping is available for Germany only. Samples are available until stock lasts. If your wished product is not available, we will contact you with an alternative offer.


    VIELÖ Explore Organic Shampoo 8ml

    VIELÖ Explore Organic Hand Wash 6ml

    LAMIXTURA Canvas Cream 2ml

    LAMIXTURA All Day Long Moisturizing Booster 1ml

    LAMIXTURA Reparative Beauty Booster 1ml

    LAMIXTURA S.O.S Skin Calming Booster 1ml

    CODEX BEAUTY BIA Exfoliating Wash 3ml

    CODEX BEAUTY ANTÜ Brightening Serum 3ml

    CODEX BEAUTY ANTÜ Brightening Moisturizer 1.5ml

    MADARA Time Miracle Cellular Repair Serum 2ml

    MADARA Re:gene Volume Rebuild Lifting Mask 5ml

    MADARA Plant Stem Cell Sunscreen SPF30 2ml

    MADARA Deep Moisture Regenerating Night Cream 2ml

    MADARA Plant Stem Cell Antioxidant Body Sunscreen SPF30 3ml

    MADARA SOS Rich Hydra-Barrier CICA Cream 2ml

    MADARA Vitamin C Illuminating Recovery Cream 2ml

    MADARA Time Miracle Sleep & Peel Overnight Serum 2ml

    BIG LITTLE WISDOM PITTA Cleansing Powder 3g

    OPPIDUM Bark & Seeds Balm Regenerating 3g

    D.E.T.O.X SKINFOOD Micellar Water 3ml

    Skin Matter - Samples Set - Free Shipping in Germany €10/1 Set

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