Home Fragrance Diffusor Hag - Long Term Slow Evaporation

Smells Like Spells·Made in Lithuania
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Why we love it: Give some flowers that will smell for months!

Head Note: Pink Pepper

Heart Note: Amber, Secret Magic Ingredient

Base Note: Benzoin Resin,Secret Magic Ingredient

First the pyramid of this home fragrance reveals subtle spicy notes of pink pepper and benzoin resin, reminding of vanilla, which later are replaced by rich and noble fragrance of ambergris and little secrets of Smells Like Spells formula. Home fragrance is ever-changing and varying. By overturning the fragrant sticks you will be able to relive the aroma journey from the first to the very last scent. Energetic cleansing, like everyday chores, not only cleans the energetic field of your home but also gives a certain level of “immunity”. The magical aroma of the home fragrance might help to: get rid of bad energy; dispose of accumulated anger and negative emotions; absorb the negative energy of evil eye, ill wishes and curses; cleanse the home’s energy field.

In Norse mythology the goddess Hag is the infamous witch. She will help to destroy all the negative energy, jealousy, grudge and anger that we accumulated by ourselves and that others sent towards us.

Natural · Vegan · Cruelty Free · Essential Oils · Fragrance Oils · Natural Resins · Home Perfume · Alcohol Free · Longer Aroma Effect · Slow Release · Around 13 Fragrance Notes · 3-5 Months Evaporation

Made in Lithuania

Key Fragrance Notes

The magic fragrance of this home perfume is based on old customs, traditions and the belief that every plant or aroma has its own magical purpose. It is like a witch recipe, where each plant and its aroma have a very important aromatherapeutic and magic function. The main notes supplement each other with aromatherapeutic properties and create a high-end fragrance pyramid where each scent has its place in harmony with other aromas.

Pink Pepper, their aroma helps to reduce pain, activates blood circulation, has a warming quality and a positive effect on aching muscles and joints, stimulates and energizes in cases of weariness, fatigue, emotional frigidity, stimulates appetite, relaxes, helps to reduce fever and positively affects digestion. Aromas of peppers, just like all tangy spices, cleanse the energy field, helps to get rid of negative energy and protect against harmful surrounding effects.

Benzoin Resin, the fragrance of this resin is delicate and pleasant. Most people, especially children, enjoy this aroma which reminds of vanilla. The fragrance of benzoin resin helps to relax, gives a sensation of bliss. This gentle smell is particularly effective after a quarrel, when home environment is full of stress.

Ambergris, ancient Greeks used to call ambergris “pulsating sun”. Ambergris is highly valued by the perfume industry where it is used for producing expensive perfume. The smell of ambergris is characterized by unique invigorating evening musk aroma with oriental notes. Ambergris has been long considered a symbol of luxury.

Your Ritual

Along with the home fragrance you will get rattan sticks with a length of 25 cm, but you can easily cut the sticks with scissors to the desired length to create your desired flower composition. The perfume will go up the sticks as in the stems of flowers. The sola wood flowers will increase the surface that will spread the home perfume aroma at your home. To feel the fresh fragrance again and again, be sure to flip the sticks regularly.

Full Ingredients List

Fragrance (perfume), Diffuser base, Linalool*, Limonene*, Citral*, Eugenol*.

*essential oils

Together with this home perfume you will get: a detailed description of the home fragrance purpose, a description of the aromatherapeutic effect of different scents, rattan sticks with sola tree blossoms for spreading the magical aroma in your home, a simple meditation/affirmation ritual and tips for pacing the home scent so that it would reveal its magical powers.


Recyclable glass bottle, paper cardboard box and natural rattan sticks made from a renewable palm that grows in the tropical regions and is used for furniture, handicrafts and building.

Smells Like Spells - Home Fragrance Diffusor Hag - Long Term Slow Evaporation

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