Natural Incense Heimdallr 5pcs (€1.50/1 piece) - 3 Hours Burn Time

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Why we love it: Heimdallr is the Norse gods’ watchman who guards the bridge Bifröst, connecting Asgard and the human realm. Thanks to him goods may rest peacefully. Heimdallr keeps his watch day and night,  he sees a hundred miles away, he hears how grass and hair grows, he sleeps less than an eagle.

Head Note: -

Heart Note: Sandalwood 

Base Notes: Guar Gum, Juniper

This natural hand-made juniper berries, sandalwood, guar gum and wild herbs incense is devoted to the Norse god of protection Heimdallr. The magical fragrance of this incense and a simple meditation/affirmation ritual might help to: create a protective shield for you and your home; protect you from evil-eye; protect you from jealousy and destructive thoughts of other people; protect you from attacks of energetic vampires.

100% Natural · Vegan · Charcoal Free · Cruelty Free · Unnatural Glue Free · Fragrance Oils Free · Wood Free · Natural Binder · 5 Sticks · Around 40 Minutes Burn Time per Stick

Made in Lithuania | Country of Origin Nepal

Key Fragrance Notes

The magic fragrance of this natural incense is based on old customs, traditions and the belief that every plant or aroma has its own magical purpose. It is like a witch recipe, where each plant and its aroma have a very important aromatherapic and magic function.

Juniper, since ancient times juniper has been used to protect from and ward off evil spirits. The energy of the burning plant helps to develop the personality’s consistence and perseverance, the ability to distinguish lies and fight them easily. It protects the aura form aggression, helps to quickly find a proper way from any difficult situation. It also helps to avoid self-projected destructive irritation, gain the deserved authority and develops such qualities as nobleness and grace. 

Sandalwood, its aroma harmonizes and calms, helps to reduce stress and turmoil, is a perfect mood booster for people suffering from fears, everyday problems, helps in cases of nervous breakdown or anxiety. Eastern cultures believe that this aroma is particularly attractive to various deities, thus sandalwood incense is often used during meditation, sandalwood is used to build temples and sculptures of gods and prophets. 

Guar Gum, the plant reminds of simple beans, but possesses antibacterial and antiseptic qualities, therefore the fragrance of this plant is very efficient during the esoteric rituals of energetic cleansing and protection. 

Your Ritual

This incense has no wooden stick, so it is recommended to fill a small jar with a non-combustible material (such as salt or sand) that you can put in the incense stick. When it burns, you will easily clean your incense holder you made by yourself. For a medium room, we recommend that you burn one-third part of one stick.

Key Ingredients List

100% natural dried plants.

Together with these incense sticks you will get: a detailed description of the incense purpose; a description of the aromatherapeutic effect of the incense and its compounds (plants and herbs); a simple magical ritual, that will reveal the powers of incense and help you to create a protective shield for you and your home.


Recyclable glass bottle with cork and paper sheets. 

Smells Like Spells - Natural Incense Heimdallr 5pcs (€1.50/1 piece) - 3 Hours Burn Time

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